Steve Mertz began woodworking over 40 years ago. He started by carving walking staffs and sculptural stack laminated furniture. From there, he eventually began business as a finish carpenter. He would do small cabinet jobs on the side that became big jobs that eventually evolved Mertz Custom Interiors in to an all new cabinetry business. After one or two refacing jobs he began to realize that such a specialty market had major opportunities-not only to grow his business but to save his customers thousands of dollars while still delivering the top quality of new cabinetry.

Mertz Custom Interiors cabinet refacing was born. Steve found he loved it and decided to make refacing his primary pursuit. “I love seeing a kitchen evolve from old and dated to something new and beautiful and I like saving people money. If you love what you do, then it’s never work. Seeing peoples faces at the end of a job- So happy and shocked- looking at a final product they never imagined possible is what makes my job worth while.